From dynamic modeling to visualizing outcome performance  

Effortlessly visualize outcomes, validate assumptions, and identify strategic gaps to maximize organizational impact

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News: PathFwd is the new home for the online Silico Dynamic Modeling Tool. It’s now called Silico from PathFwd.
Used by over 10,000 system dynamics practitioners, business strategies/analysts, department leaders, teachers, & students

Top Use Cases

Simulate Strategic Foresight

Prediction is a fool's game. Engage
in scenario exploration to understand
the possible futures to cultivate
critical thinking and organizational
adaptability through simulations.

Shared Mental Model

Digitally visualize your entire
organization to create a mental map
that identifies problems rather than the
symptom. Accelerate organization wide
collaboration and communication.

Maximize Outcome Performance

To maximize organizational impact,
visually identify the causal pathways to
ensure a deeper understanding of how to
drive performance and accountability

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Our legacy includes the pioneering work of Silico’s dynamic online modeling, the first of its kind to leverage the power of a browser-based platform for dynamic business modeling. With a solid decade of experience as a browser-based simulation modeling tool, we are excited to embark on a new journey under new ownership.

As we forge a new path, we remain dedicated to developing innovative solutions that address real-world challenges and deliver exceptional value to our users. Join us as we step into a new beginning and continue to bring value to the system dynamics community.

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